40!!! Years Bear Family Records

40!!! Years Bear Family RecordsArtist: VA
Title: 40!!! Years Bear Family Records
Label: Bear Family Records
Genre: Rock, Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Store Date: 2015
Source: WEB
# Tracks: 72
# CDs: 3
Length: 3:43:19
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Channels: Joint Stereo
Tags: ID3 v2
Nonstop mix: no
*.cue: no
Archive size: 1,2 GB
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CD1-1 Bela B. & Peta Devlin Feat. Smokestack Lightnin' Bärenjagd
CD1-2 Hawkins Hawaii Trio - Alabama Bear Chase (Instrumental)
CD1-3 Johnny Trouble - Die Geschichte Von Bruno Dem Bär
CD1-4 Ian Whitcomb & His Orchestra - Autumn Bears (Instrumental)
CD1-5 Sabrina Ascacibar - So Etwas Wie Freude
CD1-6 Richard Bennett - Forbearance (Instrumental)
CD1-7 hotel ex - Mit Bären Gehen
CD1-8 Los Daytonas - The Bear And The Arbutus (Instrumental)
CD1-9 Gunter Gabriel - Richard Weize's Bear Family Blues
CD1-10 Riders In The Sky - Bear Creek Hop (Instrumental)
CD1-11 Roland Heinrich - Irgendwo Im Teufelsmoor
CD1-12 The Winnie Winston Trio - Bears On Parade (Instrumental)
CD1-13 Jay Sherman-Godfrey - Teddy Bear's Luau (Instrumental)
CD1-14 Hermann Lammers Meyer - Bernie Der Braune Kuschelbär
CD1-15 The Crystalairs - Die Bärenkinder Vom Old Tucker Valley
CD1-16 The See See - Lonesome Johnny Bear (Instrumental)
CD1-17 Götz Alsmann - Kleiner Bär Von Berlin
CD1-18 The Maharajas - Bear-Files (Instrumental)
CD1-19 Johnny Tillotson - Wooden Soldiers
CD1-20 Chip Taylor - Barely Nothing
CD1-21 Bob Woodruff - What Is Heaven
CD1-22 Jerry K. Green - Tripod The Three Legged Bear
CD1-23 Bäddat För Trubbel - Björn
CD1-24 Bäddat För Trubbel - Blanda Dig En Björn

CD2-1 Ry Cooder - Bear Familiy Song
CD2-2 Tom House - Will Bare My All
CD2-3 Chip Taylor - She Barely Said Hello
CD2-4 Mark Brine - The Miss-Adventures Of Pete 'n Stinky #1
CD2-5 Ray Campi - Bareback Ridin' Cowboy
CD2-6 Dick Damron - The Famous Bear
CD2-7 Hank Davis - The Bear Song
CD2-8 Narvel Felts - Loaded For Bear
CD2-9 Mona McCall - I Love Charlie Brown (I Love Lucy Brown)
CD2-10 Yana Hoffman & Hank Davis - Look Up My Cage
CD2-11 The Stardust Ramblers - Barely Any Memory
CD2-12 The Dan Montgomery 3 - More Than I Could Bear
CD2-13 My Darling Clementine - Yours Is The Cross That I Still Bear
CD2-14 Tracy K. Houston With Carl Mann & Rayburn Anthony - Smokey Bear
CD2-15 Deke Dickerson - I've Got To Have It All (Bear Family Gospel Quartet)
CD2-16 John Howie & The Rosewood Bluff - I Can't Bear To See You Go
CD2-17 Trailerpark Idlers - Beer, Bourbon & The Song Of Bobby Bare
CD2-18 The Shambles - Wouldn't You Like To Be A Bear?
CD2-19 Chip Taylor - Totally Bare (All Dressed Up In Nothing)
CD2-20 Tracey K. Houston - Barely Hangin' On
CD2-21 Cry - Don't Let 'Em Grin You Down
CD2-22 Jittery Jack - Bare My Heart
CD2-23 Jono Manson - The Unbearable Longness Of Boring
CD2-24 Frankie Miller - Frankie's Bear Song

CD3-1 Chuck Mead - Big Bear In The Sky
CD3-2 Marcel Riesco With The Round Up Boys - Bear It In Your Heart
CD3-3 Rip Masters - Bear Naked Woman
CD3-4 Lynette & The Longshots - Barely Here
CD3-5 Briana Kidwell - I Wanna Visit My Bear Family
CD3-6 Carl Casino & The Aces - Polar Bear Rock 'N' Roll
CD3-7 Hurley & The Blue Dots - Boogie Woogie Bear
CD3-8 Pete Jamestone & Amanda Louisiana - Bared My Soul For Rock And Roll
CD3-9 Lynette & The Longshots - Grin And Bear It
CD3-10 Lesley Schatz & Mike Dunbar - Bear Cat
CD3-11 Paul Würges - Teddy Bear
CD3-12 Gino & The Lone Gunmen - The Bear
CD3-13 Kevin Fennell - I Play Bear Family Music
CD3-14 John Paul Keith - The Bear
CD3-15 Swamp Dogg With Canned Heat - Did You Ever See A Bear Do The Boogie
CD3-16 Velvetone - Fourty Bears
CD3-17 The Hijackers - Silver, Bear And Dung
CD3-18 Banana Seats - Don't Be Afraid Of The Bear
CD3-19 Arvidson - (I'll) Bear It In Mind
CD3-20 The Fuzztones - Be A Caveman
CD3-21 Bror Gunnar Jansson - Moan Snake Moan - Pt.III - Bearsnake
CD3-22 The Kennedys - Johnny Bear
CD3-23 John Sieger & Phil Lee - Mr. Dancin' Bear
CD3-24 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - Somedays You Eat The Bear - Somedays The Bear Eats You
DVD-1 Various - 35 Jahre Bear Family (2010)
DVD-2 Various - Café VH-1 Präsentiert: Bear Family Records (1996)

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