Glee: The Music, Vol.3 Showstoppers (Deluxe Edition)

Glee: The Music, Vol.3 Showstoppers (Deluxe Edition)Artist: VA
Title: Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 Showstoppers (Deluxe Edition) (OST)
Label: Columbia Records
Genre: Pop, R&B, Rock, Dance, Soundtrack
Store Date: 18 May, 2010
Source: CDDA
# Tracks: 20
# CDs: 1
Lenght: 01.12.38
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 192 Kbps / VBR
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz
Tags: ID3 v1.0, ID3 v2.3
Nonstop mix: no
*.cue: no
Archive size: 105 mb
Recovery record: yes
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01. Glee Cast - Hello, Goodbye
02. Glee Cast - Gives You Hell
03. Glee Cast - Hello (featuring Jonathan Groff)
04. Glee Cast - A House Is Not a Home
05. Glee Cast - One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home (featuring Kristin Chenoweth)
06. Glee Cast - Beautiful
07. Glee Cast - Home (featuring Kristin Chenoweth)
08. Glee Cast - Physical (featuring Olivia Newton-John)
09. Glee Cast - Total Eclipse of the Heart (featuring Jonathan Groff)
10. Glee Cast - Lady Is a Tramp
11. Glee Cast - One
12. Glee Cast - Rose's Turn
13. Glee Cast - Dream On (featuring Neil Patrick Harris)
14. Glee Cast - The Safety Dance
15. Glee Cast - I Dreamed a Dream (featuring Idina Menzel)
16. Glee Cast - Loser
17. Glee Cast - Give Up the Funk
18. Glee Cast - Beth
19. Glee Cast - Poker Face (featuring Idina Menzel)
20. Glee Cast - Bad Romance

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06 Dec '10, 6:31

Thnx a lot wink


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