The Hits Album - The Indie Pop Album

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Unleash the energy of Indie Pop with "The Hits Album: The Indie Pop Album," a 3CD compilation featuring some of the most influential tracks of the genre. This anthology is a carefully curated journey through Indie Pop's finest moments, spanning multiple decades and encapsulating the genre's distinctive sound.Disc One includes hits like "You Stole The Sun From My Heart" by Manic Street Preachers and "Have A Nice Day" by Stereophonics, among others. Disc Two boasts iconic songs like "True Faith '94 (Radio Edit)" by New Order and "Lust For Life (Edit)" by Iggy Pop. The final disc offers an eclectic mix, with bands like Chumbawamba, Wonderstuff feat. Vic Reeves, and The Fratellis leading the lineup.This anthology is a must-have for Indie Pop fans and music lovers, offering a curated journey through the dynamic world of alternative music. From rock anthems to pop melodies, "The Hits Album: The Indie Pop Album" captures the essence and diversity of Indie Pop.

The Best Summertime Album In The World... Ever!

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64 scorching hot summer pop classics to soundtrack your favourite season!3CDs of fabulous hits from Wham!, Duran Duran, The Beach Boys, Boney M, Spandau Ballet, Four Tops, Steps, Kool & The Gang and many more!